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Chic Quartz Kitchen Design Ideas

Today’s homeowner needs a kitchen that is as versatile as life requires. They need form and function. They need ease and openness. Modern kitchen design makes that easier than ever. Kitchens today rely on sharp angles, neutral tones, and high polish. These create a trendy, urban feel. Many people consider cabinetry first when planning a new kitchen. Choosing the right countertop for your theme is more important. After all, the …Read More

Kitchen Decor Ideas To Complement Granite Counters

The kitchen functions as the most popular room in most homes. Realtors recommend kitchen renovations when selling a house. It’s as a way of increasing the property’s return on investment. Countertops act as one of the kitchen’s focal points. Granite maintains its popularity for kitchen counters. It looks classy, comes in various shades, and lasts for decades. It’s also kept its place in kitchens because of its resilience and versatility. …Read More

Why Your Kitchen Needs An Engineered Quartz Countertop

Countertops create the tone and act a point of reference for the kitchen decor. The selection of a countertop material reflects a homeowner’s style and taste. Also, it has a direct impact on how the kitchen gets used.  Engineered quartz counters have found their place in the modern kitchen for diverse reasons. These countertops offer a similar and toughness like granite. They also feature enhanced impact resistance and installation flexibility. …Read More

A Granite Counter Selection Guide

Homeowners want an appealing and cutting-edge kitchen, but a functional one, too. These decor desires determine the choices and elements that that homeowners incorporate into their kitchens. Granite comes in a vast selection of color and pattern options. Any buyer shopping for a kitchen counter gets tempted to choose one based on looks alone. A combination of different factors determines the best countertop for a particular kitchen. Durability, resilience, maintenance …Read More

Be a Champion of the Environment — Choose Quartz Counters

Few people today say that they want to have a negative impact on the earth. Everyone wants to leave behind a planet free of environmental problems. No one wants their children to inherit a planet drained of resources. That is why so many people make attempts to conserve, reduce, and recycle. Did you know there are ways to be green that people overlook every day? One of the most surprising …Read More

Why Granite Countertops Are Still Still Popular For Kitchen Counters

Interior decor trends change regularly, and most homeowners try to keep up with them. The kitchen is one of the areas within a home that often goes through several remodeling changes.  Kitchen upgrades are made on account of the wear and tear it goes through from heavy use. When it comes to countertops, granite maintains its preference for kitchen counters. The NAHB – National Association of Home Builders – has …Read More

Repurposing Leftover Granite For Home Use

After granite countertop installations or flooring projects, what happens to the leftover granite? The larger pieces come in handy for repairs, but what about the smaller ones? The unfortunate thing is that most granite remnants end up in dumpsters. However, leftover granite pieces can get a new life in different ways. Granite Recycling When swapping out an old kitchen counter for a new one, the old countertops often goes to …Read More

Granite Countertops Maintenance Tips

Estimates have it that 64 percent of American homes have granite kitchen countertops. Homeowners prefer granite counters because of their durability and high resistance to damage. It comes in a diverse selection of pattern and color options. These attributes make them easy to incorporate into different home decor needs. With proper maintenance and care, granite countertops can last for many decades. Cleaning Granite Surface There is no unique way to …Read More

New Granite Trends For The Home

At some point, every homeowner decides to change things up with some remodeling. The bathroom and the kitchen are the commonly chosen rooms for home remodels. It makes sense because they are also some of the frequently used spaces in the house. The best way to create a noticeable transformation within your home is with the help of granite. Here are a few of the new granite trends for the …Read More

Considering Q? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Premium Quartz Countertop Material

There is no question that the world of countertop materials is filled with a number of options. From low end laminate to high end granite, there is absolutely an option for everyone. If you are considering a premium countertop, you certainly want to look into engineered quartz. One of the most popular quartz options is called Q. This brand, which comes from MSI, is synonymous with high quality and exceptional …Read More