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New Granite Trends For The Home

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At some point, every homeowner decides to change things up with some remodeling. The bathroom and the kitchen are the commonly chosen rooms for home remodels. It makes sense because they are also some of the frequently used spaces in the house. The best way to create a noticeable transformation within your home is with the help of granite. Here are a few of the new granite trends for the home.

The Tuxedo Effect

As the name implies, kitchens have swapped out bold colors for the classic old fashioned black and white color scheme. What makes this trend appealing is the integration of earthy wood to the design. This remodeling trend works by refacing kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets at the bottom of countertops take on a black hue while the top cabinets get a fresh white coat of paint. It gives the kitchen a streamlined and sophisticated appearance. The look blends in well with neutral colored granite countertops. Alternatively, a countertop in a bright or vibrant color can create a contrast to the look but act as an accent.

Granite Combinations

More homes now combine granite with other materials to create stunning and durable designs. For instance, granite is now commonly integrated with tile, stainless steel, and block wood. It also creates a unique and standout look to compliment your overall kitchen decor.

The bold statement involves blending different granite colors and textures to create a stunning effect. It works best for older country-style kitchens that want to incorporate a modern flair to the design.

Brighter Granite Colors

The most common granite colors found in homes are the darker shades, with gray being the most popular. However, homeowners are now embracing brighter granite colors. The non-traditional granite colors like gray-green and dark blues with silver or gold veins have made their way into the home.

These bold granite choices create statement pieces within the home. These granite color selections work well for either kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects.

Granite Countertops For The Bathroom

Most bathrooms now feature granite countertops, and the trend is likely to continue. Granite’s high resistance to wear and tear makes it an ideal choice for bathroom countertops as well.

When going for brighter countertop colors, the same applies for the bathroom. It all depends on the level of boldness the homeowner wants, but dark blues with vibrant color accents and gray-greens also work for the bathroom.

Granite Shower Walls

Homeowners are gravitating towards creating the spa experience in their bathrooms. New and remodeled homes now feature open shower designs complete with steam showers. To complete it all, beautiful granite walls are now included in bathrooms.

The affordable nature of granite makes it entirely possible to transform your bathroom into a personal at-home spa. Sparkling white and cream walls have also taken the place of the dark bathroom wall colors. They create a crisp and clean look to brighten up a bathroom. Light colored countertops featuring dark accents can add a much-needed contrast to this look.

Granite Counters That Complement Backsplashes

The backsplashes featured in bathrooms and kitchens continue to stay in trend. With bold backsplashes, it helps to select a color from the pattern to use for the countertops. In the case of the more demure backsplashes, the countertops can take on a subtle tone as well.

It works in a complementary way to allow the backsplashes to shine. The countertops still offer their longevity, durability, and beauty in this case.

The possibilities of granite use within the home are limitless. Whether for renovation or new home building projects, granite fits right into various construction plans and designs.