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Quartz: A Durable Counter for Your Kids’ Bathroom

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A beautiful bathroom not only increases the value of a home, but it creates a more peaceful life for your family. It also makes a great impression on your guests. However, having children makes it hard to keep a home beautiful. Kids are rewarding and you adore yours, but they can be destructive for a house. Their care-free play and the messes incurred in learning can damage your home with dents, scratches, and stains. It’s tempting to put off renovations and designs until the kids are old enough to know better, but those set aside projects often get forgotten.

With quartz countertops, you don’t have to put off your bathroom renovations. Quartz is known for being durable and resilient, so it can hold up to the rowdiest children. It’s also offered in an array of beautiful patterns and colors, plus various finishes. That way, quartz fits into any design. Choose a timeless color to draw attention in your bathroom for years to come. Here are some of the features of quartz that make it perfect for your kids’ bathroom.


With children, a bathroom doesn’t always get a deep cleaning as much as it should. Quartz is antimicrobial, which means that it is non-porous and doesn’t hold on to bacteria, mold, or mildew. That means that quartz doesn’t need to be “deep cleaned.” All it needs is soap and water to keep it shining and bacteria free.

That easy cleaning means a variety of things for your family. First, no harsh chemicals are needed, and should actually be avoided so they don’t damage the quartz. No harsh chemicals mean that cleaning the counter is easy for young children to do without the risk of harming themselves with dangerous cleansers.

Second, easy cleaning means the counters are quick to clean for last minute guests. Other areas, such as the toilet and tub, are sure to need more attention. So, quartz saves time on the counter. Third, dangerous things such as mold and mildew don’t develop if standing water goes unnoticed. This keeps your children safer.

Stain Resistant

The last benefit of an antimicrobial quartz counter is that it resists stains. Small children leave toothpaste and other toiletries on the counter, while young teens may spill makeup or nail polish. These spills don’t ruin a quartz counter with stains.

Most spills can be wiped away with soap and water, while others may need to soak before being wiped away. Even if a spill is left for days, quarts resists most stains. Abrasive cleaning methods aren’t needed and should be avoided since they can wear down the seal.

Heat Resistant

Quartz counters are also heat resistant up to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time. Many young teens use heat tools on their hair to change their style as they experiment with identity. Young teens are also forgetful on occasion. While some heat tools have an auto shutoff feature after an hour, some do not. Still, a lot of damage can be done in an hour.

Quartz counters resist damage if a heat tool is forgotten and left on. Laminate, a plastic-based countertop material, can warp and even catch fire in this situation. Other materials can crack or have damaged seals from a heat tool left on. Quartz resists damage to keep your bathroom and home safe if your child forgets a heat tool in the bathroom.


Finally, the major benefit of quartz is its durability. Kids climb on counters. They drop items such as toys or toiletries. They might try to give the cat or dog a bath in the sink. Whether it’s kids, toys, or claws coming into contact with your quartz countertops, they resist scratches, cracks, and other damage. That helps them hold up through your children’s developmental years, giving you one less thing to worry about.