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Repurposing Leftover Granite For Home Use

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After granite countertop installations or flooring projects, what happens to the leftover granite? The larger pieces come in handy for repairs, but what about the smaller ones? The unfortunate thing is that most granite remnants end up in dumpsters. However, leftover granite pieces can get a new life in different ways.

Granite Recycling

When swapping out an old kitchen counter for a new one, the old countertops often goes to the trash. Most homeowners have no use for the old countertop, and it gets tossed out with last night’s dinner scraps. There is, however, another option. Granite recycling came up to repurpose leftovers for other home-based projects.

Granite recycling firms have come up to provide a solution to the granite waste problem. Many recycling companies now transform the remaining stone into thin veneers, pavers, and tiles for home use.

Selling Scrap Granite Slabs At Affordable Costs

Several granite companies now sell half slabs for smaller projects. Sometimes a renovation project requires different colored pieces. The half pieces often come from pre-cut remnants that would otherwise have gone to waste. Recycling companies break down and transform the smaller pieces into other usable products.

The leftovers are usually already cut up based on their previous use. Depending on how the pieces got cut, some are more reusable than others. Granite recycling companies repurpose the slabs by converting them into usable forms. They serve home projects that need specific sized pieces or individual colors in smaller quantities. Being able to buy just the right amount of granite required for a project is cost effective.  

Creating Complementary Home Decor Projects

Homeowners change their countertops as part of home remodeling projects. Putting granite into complementary use helps to use up remnants, too. Creating a kitchen island is the best complementary way to use leftover granite countertop pieces. The result is a cohesive decor style and reduces granite waste.

In the bathroom, the remnants can go into shower tiling or create bathroom sinks. Using granite for bathroom basins or sinks is a unique way to incorporate the leftover stone into other home projects. Recycling companies can fashion granite remnants into bathroom sinks with a similar look and feel to countertops. It can become a complementary decor project in bathrooms that already have vanity units made of granite. The same application works for hallway sinks and vanity units.

Repurposing For Interior Home Projects

Granite is often used to create kitchen counters and bathroom vanity units. It can go into other home-based projects either during the building or renovations stage. Talk to your granite fabricator about your options.

One way to use the remnants is to model a fireplace surround. It helps to accentuate a fireplace put the leftovers into good use. The leftover pieces also make great flooring choices for bathrooms and entryways. Alternatively, consider accent walls made out of combination pieces from different granite-based projects.

Granite scraps can go far into creating customized and unique backsplashes. Projects using different granite cuts and styles leave remnants suitable for creating mosaic designs. These leftovers work best in the bathroom where the backsplash fills out the area between the countertop and vanity mirror. For kitchen applications, buying the specific pieces in the precise amounts needed works best.

Using Granite Remnants For Exterior Home Projects

Leftover granite also works well as a tiling option for patios and front porches. With enough remnants, homeowners can opt for stacked waterfalls or fountains.  Granite remnants can also re-wall the exterior of a home to create a unique look. Use the granite to form retaining walls around the house.

There are a limitless number of ways to repurpose leftover granite for use around the home. Granite recycling companies make it more possible to access and put scraps into modern decor uses.