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Be a Champion of the Environment — Choose Quartz Counters

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Few people today say that they want to have a negative impact on the earth. Everyone wants to leave behind a planet free of environmental problems. No one wants their children to inherit a planet drained of resources. That is why so many people make attempts to conserve, reduce, and recycle. Did you know there are ways to be green that people overlook every day? One of the most surprising ways that you can protect the earth is when you’re designing your kitchen. Maybe you’re renovating a well-loved space or you’re building your dream home. Either way, the materials that you use can have a big impact on the earth.

When building your dream kitchen, consider using quartz. It is beautiful and benefits the environment. Quartz is a high-quality, low impact way to make your kitchen one of a kind.

Clear as Crystal — Quartz is Safe and Easy to Maintain

Like other quarried materials, quartz is a durable substance. In fact, quartz is the fourth hardest substance on earth. It is also one of the most abundant. Quartz countertops are so durable that they are nonporous. They can handle bacteria, spills, and dirt with ease. Unlike other surfaces, quartz does not need much upkeep or care. It is a hygienic choice that promotes health for your entire family. This is because it is a natural compound made without toxic chemicals. In fact, quartz is so safe and versatile that you can use it anywhere in your house.

Companies also build quartz countertops to last. It is this quality that makes them so appealing to green homeowners. Settle for wood or laminate and your kitchen might need more work in a couple of years. That work not only costs money, but it also takes more resources from the natural world. Install quartz countertops and you can expect years of use. In fact, many manufacturers have a ten year warranty for their quartz products.

Quartz is a Natural Alternative to Other Materials

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the planet’s crust. This means producing quartz counters has limited impact on the environment. Few unnatural compounds go into their production. They are 90% ground quartz with the other 10% being resins and pigments. These materials are man-made and plastic-based. Yet, they are nontoxic and not harmful to you or your family. These resins and pigments help the countertops gain even more strength than the actual stone can give, too.

Though found the world over, there are veins of quartz found in the United States. Arkansas is home to one of the biggest deposits of quartz on earth. Sourcing the crystals from this vein makes extraction and transport easier. When using materials from Arkansas, domestic companies further reduce their impact. They help promote green building practices. This also helps support local businesses. Additionally, the quartz doesn’t have to be transported long distances, which uses up natural resources.

When you’re done with quartz, that does not mean that quartz is no longer useful. Like other natural stone counters, you can recycle it. There is no need for it to end its life in a landfill, though, if it were to go there, there would be little impact on the planet since it’s natural. Instead, you can repurpose or donate your old counter. Many companies specialize in using old materials to make new products. Given the long lifespan of quartz, these countertops are easy to reuse. Why shouldn’t they continue to be useful to others?

People often fail to realize the importance of choosing what goes in their kitchens. They have a chance to make a space that is safe for families and good for the planet. Quartz is an elegant, versatile choice that can fill both roles.