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Chic Quartz Kitchen Design Ideas

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Today’s homeowner needs a kitchen that is as versatile as life requires. They need form and function. They need ease and openness. Modern kitchen design makes that easier than ever. Kitchens today rely on sharp angles, neutral tones, and high polish. These create a trendy, urban feel. Many people consider cabinetry first when planning a new kitchen. Choosing the right countertop for your theme is more important. After all, the counters are where your preparation and cooking take place. Why not make them the focal point?

Making a decision when choosing a countertop material is difficult. There are so many styles, finishes, colors, and textures. Narrowing it down is a challenge. Designs today feature natural stone such as granite, soapstone, and marble. These are all fine in their own right. Homeowners looking for both style and substance can find both in quartz.

Quartz is Customizable to Suit Your Kitchen

Since quartz is natural, it shares many of its properties with granite, which people tend to know more about. Both are durable and both are long lasting. Like granite, it is a nonporous surface. Quartz sets itself apart, though. Unlike granite, a quartz countertop does not need polishing or sealing. It is also as easy to maintain as other natural stone surfaces.

People choose quartz because of how much freedom they have to customize it. Natural flaws appear in other countertop materials. Those looking for counters with a more uniform look can get that with quartz. Finely crushing crystals changes what colors the quartz might be. With man-made refinement, homeowners can choose whatever style or color they want. They don’t have to sacrifice their dream kitchen because they can’t find the right color or pattern. Quartz is perfect for those who prefer symmetry in their designs. This allows for a more uniform look when making design choices in the rest of the kitchen.

Quartz Countertops Are Trending in Designs

Quartz countertops are a trending theme with interior designers. Modern kitchens now rely on bold color contrasts between black and white. By using quartz, homeowners should have no problem adopting this trend. Try a countertop that features a lot of grays, blacks, and whites. This makes the counters a focal point. It keeps as many color options on the table as possible. That makes it easier to compliment and contrast throughout the design. Options for floors, cabinets, and fixtures are wide open. Natural lighting can emphasize the polish in this design style. If using darker hues, light can make a kitchen come to life. It can also bring any lighter tones to the forefront.

Those looking for a more subtle kitchen design can choose quartz that mimics marble. It is easier to maintain while keeping an elegant appearance. Pair this counter with hardwood floors to bring out the depth of color in the quartz. Dark hickory or oak can add great contrast to your kitchen. Paint cabinets white or off-white to give the kitchen a complete feel. This makes for a fresh take on a classic theme.

People tend to overthink choosing fixtures for the kitchen. With a quartz-centered palette, the choices are easier. Homeowners should use whatever colors they want to. The key is in making sure that all the fixtures match one another.  Function is more important in this case. It is still a kitchen after all. What good is it if the sink is too shallow or the faucet is too high?

The quartz countertop trend has been on the rise for the last few years. With the design options available, it looks like quartz is here to stay.