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Choosing A Quartz Countertop For A Kitchen Remodel

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Renovating a kitchen entails making several selections and choices. One of them includes settling for a countertop material. This is, by far, the most important decision. Homeowners want a great looking surface that does not need a lot of maintenance.

One of the most popular options for a kitchen countertop material is engineered quartz. It’s used in fabricating beautiful countertops for both kitchens and bathrooms. It features an appealing look and does not need much maintenance. Quartz is available in more than 100 palettes and designs from different manufacturers, too. This vast choice offers selections to suit diverse decor needs of all kinds. For any homeowner searching for a countertop material, consider quartz as your first choice.

Durability and Strength

Quartz is one of the toughest minerals occurring in nature. The composition of quartz countertops includes 93% of natural quartz in its formation. It makes this alternative countertop material one of the strongest counter material out there. The engineered quartz countertop is also less likely to chip or scratch when compared to natural stone counters.

It’s extraordinarily durable, making it a popular choice for busy households. It holds up well against stress and heavy use without showing signs of wear or tear.

Selections and Choices

Quartz counters include engineered stones in their fabrication process. The result is more varieties of patterns and color palettes to choose from. In fact, as mentioned, this material comes in more than 100 design selections from different manufacturers, so you can always find something that matches your preferred style and your décor.

There are equally diverse edge profiles to choose for Cambria countertops. All the different choices come at a similar price point, and it gives a buyer the freedom of choice without having to compromise on creativity.

Non-Porous and Non-Absorbent

Quartz has a nonporous and nonabsorbent structure. It means that the countertop does not absorb moisture from food or other items placed on it. The engineered quartz counter is certified as a safe surface for food preparation. The function comes welcomed in kitchens with heavy use. Maintaining good care and hygiene practices help preserve the integrity of the countertops.

The non-porous and non-absorbent abilities also keep the counter protected from stains. Quartz can also resist stains from household items like wine, coffee, and tea.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Quartz performs exceptionally well as a kitchen countertop, and it comes with minimal maintenance needs. Homeowners have an easy time taking care of this countertop, too, and all it takes is wiping it down with soap and warm water to keep the countertop clean. The low maintenance requirements of engineered quartz surfaces enhance their attractive quality.


Quartz fits right into an environmentally conscious household. The sustainable nature of the engineered quartz makes it even more appealing. Some manufacturers make use of recycled water to polish the countertops during fabrication. This helps to save gallons upon gallons of water each year.

The sustainability carries through even after its installation. It comes with hassle-free care needs and requires little or no subsequent maintenance. The hassle-free maintenance and its durability cut back on the need for replacements.

A Good Return On Investment

Countertops can suffer from stress or heavy use over time and show some form of strain. The durability of quartz counters helps to maintain their appearance for longer. Synthetic quartz counters have a marked higher price compared to some countertop materials. It all pays off in the end because of its durable and resilient nature.

Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturers of these countertops provide a limited lifetime warranty for quartz counters. The warranty covers things like chips, discoloration, and dents. The warranty gives consumers confidence in the product. Homeowners can also get their countertops repaired in the event of the covered damages occurring.

Quartz is rising in popularity as a countertop option. It’s desirable for its strength, durability, and diversity in design and color options. Talk to your local quartz supplier today to learn more.