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Honed Granite: Exploring this Popular Countertop Trend

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If you think of granite in your kitchen or bathroom, you probably think of the sleek, shiny countertops that you often see. However, not all granite has to be sleek and shiny. In fact, granite is shiny due to the finish that stone fabricators use. There are other finishes besides the shiny finish, though, and one of them is called “honed.”

Unlike the pieces of granite that are glossy and shiny, honed finished granite is much more matte in its look. Some even describe the granite as looking “wet.” This look is created by stopping the polishing of the granite before it becomes lustrous and reflective. In years past, you often wouldn’t find a lot of honed granite, but lately, this type of finish has become very popular. Is it right for your home? Keep reading!

The Look of a Honed Granite Finish

One of the reasons people really like honed granite is that it creates a look that is much softer than fully polished, shiny granite. The design and color of the granite is still visible, but honed granite isn’t shiny; it’s matte.

This type of finish is ideal for creating a look that complements antique or “throwback” styles. It also creates a more casual look in the room when compared to rooms that feature highly polished granite. Many people also choose a honed finish to help to balance out the shine of chrome. Honed granite is also a popular choice for people who have kitchens or bathrooms filled with natural light. Since this type of finish is not as reflective as polished granite, it distributes the light that comes in very well. In fact, it can create the illusion that you have incandescent lights in the room, yet you are only using the light from the sun.

Caring for Honed Granite

Though honed granite is incredibly easy to care for, there are some things that you should know if you are considering it for your home. Yes, it’s true that honed granite lacks the luster that polished granite has, it is just as durable as any other granite countertop. It doesn’t stain or chip, and it is highly resistant to heat. It is also just as smooth as you would expect polished granite to be. Furthermore, honed granite is better at concealing any marring or scratching that your countertop might develop. Why? Because it doesn’t reflect light off of those areas.

One of the things that you might notice with honed granite is that it is a bit more absorbent than polished granite, so must take extra care to clean up spills. You also might see things like messy fingerprints easier, as they show up as a darker color, especially if the honed granite is dark to start with. However, if you make sure to clean up immediately, these spots are not permanent.

Choosing the Right Honed Granite for You

When choosing your honed granite slab, you want to make sure to actually see the slab that you are going to buy. This is because every piece of granite is different. So, if you see a small sample of granite, you must realize that the piece to get installed into your home is going to be different in color and pattern. Most professional granite suppliers allow you to do this. It’s very important that you are happy with the slab you choose, because it is going to last for many years into the future.

If you choose to buy honed granite, make sure to talk to your granite supplier and inquire about good ways to incorporate honed granite into your home.