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Kitchen Decor Ideas To Complement Granite Counters

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The kitchen functions as the most popular room in most homes. Realtors recommend kitchen renovations when selling a house. It’s as a way of increasing the property’s return on investment. Countertops act as one of the kitchen’s focal points. Granite maintains its popularity for kitchen counters. It looks classy, comes in various shades, and lasts for decades. It’s also kept its place in kitchens because of its resilience and versatility. Granite’s other qualities include resistance to scratches, dents, and heat resistance.

There are two ways to approach the building or kitchen renovations process. Either go for a complete transformation or base the upgrades around an element. Consider coordinating your kitchen finishes to complement your granite counters. Here are six ideas to get you started.

Beach Inspired and Duck-Egg Green Pairings

Counters in cool, gray patterns go well with beach-inspired color pairings. White sand silvery blue, and whitewashed wood complement gray countertops. To add an accent to the look, go for stainless steel appliances.

Another pairing choice is to keep the natural-color inspired theme. Draw inspiration from other mineral and rock colors. A good option is warm stone gray and duck-egg green pairings. Keep the colors blended harmoniously. Choose a neutral white or gray for top cabinets and go for the duck-egg green for the counter’s bottom cabinets. Alternatively, paint the island cabinets in the duck-egg hue and keep the rest of the kitchen cabinets in a neutral color.

Cappuccino and Taupe with Crisp White

Warm-tone counters blend well with cabinets in rich, warm hues. Cappuccino and taupe are excellent choices for the surrounding cabinetry. Keep some of the cabinets white, however, to avoid creating an intense and dark look.

Gray countertops pair well with all-white cabinets. Take the theme throughout the kitchen by painting the walls and ceiling a crisp white color. A gray colored floor still complements a kitchen with gray counters.

White, Off White, Black, and Grey

The neutral colors make great pairing choices. They work well in a kitchen with black granite counters. A chalkboard or charcoal wall works for such a kitchen complete with white cabinets.

Honed black countertops blend well with white colored cabinets. Wood floors paired with beige walls tie in the look together.

Granite counters in Alaska white hues pair well with off-white cabinets. To keep the kitchen feeling open go for a crisp white painted ceiling. Add an elegant touch with pendant lights hanging over the island.

Bottle Green and Sea Salt

The best way to create interest and depth in any space is combining two similar shades. Go for hints of a softer mineral green on the kitchen walls. Add a pop of color in a deep bottle green shade for the bottom counter or island cabinets. The dark color acts as an accent and also highlights other furnishings like the range hood.

To complement the look, wooden floors in a warm tone create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Bring The Appliances Into The Mix

Getting in new appliances provides an opportunity to spruce up your kitchen decor. Go for appliances that complement your color scheme. White and black kitchen appliances are easier to work into any kitchen. For bold kitchens in beach-inspired colors, select appliances in similar hues.

Update kitchen walls and floor as other ways to complement granite counters. All it takes is painting them in a color that accents your granite countertops. Another option is to go for granite-like tiles in a similar color to the kitchen countertops. It works well for kitchens using the earth-tone or gold counters. Play around with espresso/black cabinet hues to complement white ice granite counters. Creating a backsplash that complements the kitchen counter works into the overall look.