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Why Your Kitchen Needs An Engineered Quartz Countertop

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Countertops create the tone and act a point of reference for the kitchen decor. The selection of a countertop material reflects a homeowner’s style and taste. Also, it has a direct impact on how the kitchen gets used.  Engineered quartz counters have found their place in the modern kitchen for diverse reasons.

These countertops offer a similar and toughness like granite. They also feature enhanced impact resistance and installation flexibility. Are you shopping for counters materials for a kitchen remodeling project? Here are a few reasons why you should go for engineered quartz countertops.

Understand More About Engineered Quartz Counters

Engineered quartz is a man-made product created using natural materials. It’s manufactured using a combination of quartz, flexible resins, and pigments. The result is the creation of nonporous, durable countertop slabs.

The strength of quartz stands out even in the synthetic form. The engineered pieces feature a marked resistance to abrasions, scratches, and even acids. An added benefit is the reduction in the environmental footprint left behind. The end product is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It’s constructed with durability in mind, and it helps to reduce replacement needs.

Important to note that the thickness and size of manufactured quartz varies. The difference depends on manufacturer standards.

The Selections  Of Engineered Quartz Available

Engineered quartz comes in extensive selections of colors, styles, and textures. The texture and colors of the synthetic quartz are consistent. Commercial projects requiring uniform counter materials can access them in significant amounts too.

The popular color palettes of synthetic quartz include whites, blacks, and reds. How the quartz occurs on the ground determined its surface appearance. Coarse variations feature flecked appearances. Fine ground stones have smooth looks.  

Manufacturers have also created shades and styles that mirror other natural stones. Buyers can find manufactured countertops that look like granite, marble, or cement. Synthetic quartz manufacturers also offer selections of products made using these materials. Bathroom basins and kitchen sinks constructed using synthetic quartz are available.

Engineered quartz comes in three finishes including textured, polished, and honed/matte finishes.

Different Variations/Types Of Engineered Quartz Available

There are several variations of manufactured quartz available. Caesarstone and Silestone are some of the best-known brands. Other kinds include Cambria, Q by MSI, and celador. These products have few, if any, differences. Selection choice usually comes right down to color options and availability.

The attributes of engineered quartz make it ideal for use in different applications. It’s an ideal material for countertops, walls, backsplashes, and floors. Synthetic quartz materials can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F.

Maintenance and Cleaning Requirements

Cleaning and maintaining engineered quartz countertops is an easy process. Using soap and warm water is adequate for daily cleaning. A soft scrub and non-abrasive cleaner work well in cleaning up stubborn spills.

The polished surface stays intact without the need for any maintenance. Avoiding abrasive cleaners is the only care necessary for these surfaces.

The Cost Of Engineered Counters

The cost of synthetic quartz counters is less compared to their premium natural counterparts. Color preference, configurations, and the purchase location determine the price. Engineered quartz remnants also offer affordable access to countertop materials.

Why Should You Get Engineered Quartz Countertops?

In summary, manufactured quartz features a consistent texture and color. It’s engineered to offer high resistance against staining, scratches, and acid abrasion. The slabs feature scratch and chip resistance due to their resin structure.

Engineered quartz come with long shelf lives because they are built to last. They also mirror natural countertops with more diverse color and pattern options. The installation of engineered quartz countertops needs the services of a professional. Certified contractors have the necessary know-how and tools required for the counters installation.