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Buying The Best Countertop: A Guide For Those Who Love To Cook

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The countertop you choose will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen. When remodeling or renovating, you should take your time when deciding which style to buy. In addition to making an impact aesthetically, it will play a big role in how you use your kitchen. If you love cooking, you will likely spend a lot of time working in this room and utilizing the countertop. So, when you are ready to add a new countertop to your kitchen, remember to keep both functionality and appearance in mind as you shop.

Consider Granite

Granite countertops are perfect for active chefs. They are heat resistant and will not warp or fade if subjected to high temperatures. Those who are working in the kitchen know that despite your best efforts, pots and pans do wind up on the counter. Opting for granite will ensure that your counters hold up to these types of conditions.

Granite is also incredibly easy to care for and clean. In fact, most people use a solution of water and dish soap to keep their counters clean.

Think About Color

It is possible to get granite in a variety of shades, patterns, and styles. You should choose one that compliments other parts of your kitchen. The counter should compliment your cupboards and other existing kitchen fixtures.

If you cook often, you should give the color of your countertops special attention. Some homeowners prefer lighter shades when they cook, so they know if they’ve left food particles out. Others want something darker, as they might feel as if it fits their taste better. It is crucial that you love your kitchen and feel comfortable cooking. Buying a counter in a shade you can work with well will help.

Do Not Forget About Lighting

Granite can appear slightly different depending on the lighting. Be sure you keep this in mind when you shop around. Countertops in kitchens filled with natural light will look drastically different than those in kitchens with very little exposure. If possible, ask the sales associate for a few samples to bring home. You should place these samples on the counter and examine them at varying points throughout the day.

Those who cook often should pay special attention to the appearance of those samples around mealtimes. This will help you figure out which shade works the best for you.

Visit A Showroom

Never make a major purchase without first seeing the item in person. This is true regardless of what the investment is, but is particularly important when it comes to counters. Seeing the material in person can also help inspire different design choices. You will have more success finding the perfect counter if you stop by a showroom first.

While you are visiting a showroom, be sure to speak with sales staff. They can help you find a counter based off of your specific needs. Sales associates have many years of experience helping people find the best granite for their homes. Take advantage of this knowledge when you are shopping around.

Avoid Trendy Patterns And Designs

You should avoid trendy patterns and styles wherever possible. Styles change fast. What is trendy and popular now may not be trendy in a few years. When you make an investment in a home renovation, you should be sure that you will love the end result for years to come. Permanent fixtures, such as countertops, should have a timeless quality to them. This will ensure they look great in your home for years to come. It will also help boost your home’s value should you ever opt to sell. Fortunately, granite has been around for decades and has also remained a popular and trendy choice in the home.