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Creating a Beautiful Bathroom with Silestone

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Bathrooms have the possibility of becoming an oasis within your home. Relaxing in a spa-like environment is luscious, and the ability to check out of the world in your own home is priceless. Creating this perfect environment takes care and thought, with each element needing to work together. Choosing the right materials is key in making your bathroom all that you desire. A bathroom also has unique features that are not required in other places throughout your home. With these unique elements, you can explore different materials, such as Silestone for its design.

Bathroom Sinks and Countertops

Finding the perfect bathroom sink and countertop is one of the most challenging pieces of designing a bathroom. It must be durable to handle dropping beauty tools or spa products on. It must also be resistant to staining and have low absorption levels with the beauty products and water it is subjected to over time.

Silestone meets all of your needs for a bathroom countertop. It is made from quartz, which is an extremely hard mineral. The quartz makes Silestone durable and scratch resistant. It also has a non-porous surface, making it resistant to stains.

From a design perspective, Silestone has many advantages as well. The color options for Silestone are vast, giving you and your designer many different choice possibilities. No matter your style, from light and bright to bold and colorful, Silestone can fit in your design. The material is also available in large pieces. Even for large applications, most designs using Silestone is virtually seam free, allowing your eye to flow through the design of the entire bathroom. The bathroom countertops and sinks are all cut to design and can fit the look you are after.

Shower Trays

Designing a bathroom requires elements such as shower stalls. You need your bathroom to look great and still function well. Silestone shower trays are cut to design specs and are available in a wide range of colors. With that variety, Silestone lets you customize your bathroom to fit any design. For larger areas, Silestone shower trays can be designed to include a drying area, making the most of your space.

Silestone also keeps function in mind. The durability of this material makes it safe in a shower setting. You don’t need to worry about dropping a bottle of shampoo on it because it can handle that kind of abuse. The non-porous material doesn’t absorb much moisture, making it stain resistant. For a non-slip surface, Silestone can be sandblasted in strips, making it a safe environment even when wet.

Bathroom Siding

Silestone’s unique characteristics make it a great choice for wall siding inside a bathroom. It is available in large format panels that create a beautiful space. With large panels available, you need fewer seams, even when covering full height walls. The color choices available for Silestone make it a versatile material for large scale applications within your at home spa.

The quartz used to make Silestone make it scratch resistant and durable. Your bathroom can handle your life with wall panels made from this material. The non-porous surface of Silestone helps reduce absorbency and makes your walls stain resistant. Cleaners and beauty products are not going to alter the color or pattern of the Silestone.


All the benefits of Silestone make it a great choice for bathroom flooring as well. It is available in a multitude of colors to fit in any color scheme. It is durable and long lasting, with very little concerns around staining, scratching, or being damaged. For form and function, using Silestone for a bathroom floor just makes sense.