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Choosing Your New Bathroom Vanity

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If you are a homeowner, at some point or another, you have to consider a renovation in the bathroom. One of the things that you must think about is the type of material that you want to choose for the vanity. There are many material choices on the market, of course, from laminate and tile to wood and granite. Of all these materials, granite is a choice that brings many benefits. In fact, as you go through the steps to find out which vanity top material is right for your home, you can see the superiority of granite.

Considering Your Budget

Before you take on any home renovation project, you have to take a look at your budget. Having a budget allows you to know how much you can safely spend, and it helps you to eliminate some of your choices. Don’t eliminate any material without doing some research. For instance, you might have heard that granite is extremely expensive. This, however, isn’t true. Though there are some types of granite, such as rare azul blue granite, which might be out of your budget, there are plenty of other options that are quite affordable.

Think About the Maintenance

Another thing that you should think of is the maintenance that goes into keeping your vanity top looking its best. For instance, tile vanity tops require a lot of maintenance. You have to make sure to clean the grout between every single tile. Other materials, however, like granite, are extremely easy to maintain. All that you need to do is take a soft cloth with water and mild soap, and you can effectively clean your vanity top.

Know Your Bathroom Style

You will either do a full bathroom renovation where you change everything in the bathroom, or you will do a partial renovation where you only change a few things. It doesn’t matter which one you do, you must make sure that your chosen vanity top material matches the style of your bathroom. For example, a wood vanity top might look great in a rustic bathroom, but it certainly wouldn’t look great in a spa-like bathroom. Granite, however, looks great in any style bathroom. This natural stone comes in every color imaginable, and each piece is totally unique.

Understand the Benefits of the Material

You should also think about the different benefits that materials for a vanity top offer. For instance, one benefit of laminate is that it’s quite affordable. However, you should understand the cons, too. In the case of laminate, it can crack under pressure and even scorch if an errant curling iron is left near the surface, even if it doesn’t touch the surface. Granite is popular because it’s got many benefits. For instance, it lasts for many decades, it won’t scorch, and it is fully resistant to water and heat. Other materials, like marble or wood, can absorb water, which can permanently mar it.

Get Quotes

Once you have narrowed down your options for a vanity top, you then should reach out to local contractors to find out how much updating your bathroom will cost. Remember, some materials, like granite, can add value to your home. In fact, it can add a lot of value…in some cases, $1,000’s of dollars in value. Other vanity materials don’t add much value at all. This is important if you have ever thought about selling your home in the near future.

These are the main steps that you should take when choosing a new bathroom vanity during a bathroom remodel. It’s best to take your time and really do some research on the different materials out there, including granite. You can speak to a local granite supplier to learn more about this fantastic vanity top material.