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Granite Countertops Maintenance Tips

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Estimates have it that 64 percent of American homes have granite kitchen countertops. Homeowners prefer granite counters because of their durability and high resistance to damage. It comes in a diverse selection of pattern and color options. These attributes make them easy to incorporate into different home decor needs. With proper maintenance and care, granite countertops can last for many decades.

Cleaning Granite Surface

There is no unique way to go about cleaning countertops. It is as simple as it comes. Wiping it down like you would wipe down a table is all you have to do. Granite countertops can be cleaned using regular soap and water.

To clean the counter on a daily basis, all you need is hot water and a dishrag. For the weekly thorough clean up, it is best to use a soft sponge and an appropriate stone cleaner. Polish the countertop surface every month or so to help maintain its lustrous look.

Keeping the countertop clean at all times also contributes to maintaining it. It is good practice to clean up spills and any other messes as soon as they occur. In the case of natural granite floors, it helps to dust and mop them when needed.

Use Hot Pads, Trivets And Coasters On The Countertop

Granite can withstand wear and tear, but it is important to protect the surface at all times as an added measure. It starts with making sure that the items placed on it are not in direct contact with the surface. It means using coasters under bottles, cans, and glasses. Also, use hot pads and trivets before placing pots and pans from the stove on it.

These measures keep the countertop surface protected at all times. It also enhances the counter’s longevity. They all work to protect the granite surface and maintain its polished look.

Disinfect The Countertop

It is good practice to disinfect surfaces that come in regular contact with food in the kitchen. A home-based disinfectant made using equal parts of distilled water and isopropyl does the trick. Using a spray bottle, spritz the solution on the granite counter. Let the solution sit for two to three minutes before wiping it down using a washcloth.  The solution provides the added benefit of restoring the granite counter’s brilliant shine.

Granite Do’s And Don’ts

As part of the granite maintenance process, it is important to understand the proper use of these countertops. Kitchen counters provide a space that functions as a workstation. In the bathroom, granite counters work similarly. However, it helps to take certain precautions when working on countertops to keep the surface protected. Proper granite care also contributes to protecting the tools that come in contact with the surface.

Use a chopping or cutting board when chopping or dicing vegetables or any other type food items. Granite is a stone and using knives directly on it may dull the edges of the blades.

Another way to keep countertops clean is to use them only as intended and not as storage counters. For kitchen countertops, storing cooking oils on them tends to stain the surface over time. Proactive countertop care includes storing items on shelves or inside cabinets.

Avoid preparing acidic foods directly on granite countertops. Also, avoid using acidic-based cleaners or ammonia on countertops.

Cover up outdoor kitchen countertops during the winter months. Clean and maintain outdoor granite counters in the same way you would indoor-based counters.

Another thing to avoid is placing heavy items, sitting, or standing on granite countertops. The reality is that most homeowners misuse countertops and put unnecessary amounts of stress on them.

It is likely that granite countertops can maintain their favor in homes for decades to come.